Don’t forget to complete the NSE!

We would appreciate it a lot if you would participate in the NSE by giving your honest opinion about how you experience EE/AT education. The higher the response rate, the more useful the results.
Therefore, the department sent us this awesome deal. If the bachelor (EE and AT combined) and the master will both reach a response rate of at least 40%, we offer a keg of beer in Het Walhalla once it can open its doors again! If the response rate surpasses 45%, we will even offer two kegs! You received a link to this survey by email, if you want a new one, click here!

Of course we will post it on the website if this response rate is reached, and organize an NSE drink!

Apart from that, the department will also give you the chance to win some amazing prizes during the fourth week of the photo contest when you’ve filled in the NSE. More info on this will follow! So keep checking the website, or subscribe to the photo contest