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Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 16:45

This year the FotoCo also organises a fun, at home activity. It is a photo contest! Starting in the week of the 14th of December, a new topic will be announced on Monday each week. Go outside, discover the area you live in, or find the beauty in your very own room. You will get one week to send in your best foto to If you want, add a fun story to make the jury understand the greatness of your picture. This contest will last for 5 weeks.

It is possible to win prices! Every week a winner will be chosen, and after the full 5 weeks someone will also win the overall contest.

Don't be afraid to participate, you don't need a good camera, your phone is good enough. You also don't need to join the entire contest, joining for a few weeks is fine as well. 

Subscribe here if you want a weekly email with the topic and a bit of explanation. The topic will also be announced on the website each week. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021 - 12:30

Are you interested to join a specific committee after visiting the committee market, or did you miss the opportunity to visit and do you still have questions? Check the boxes of the committee(s) you are interested in and they will get in touch with you. If you have any questions about a specific committee, you can always ask the Board or get in touch with that committee via [committeename]


For the specsheets, check out: Committee booklet | e.t.s.v. Thor

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