ACCI is a group of second and third year Electrical Engineering students who wants to do fun things next to their study. They organize a wide range of activities from a TV deconstruction to a party. There are activities for everyone. They make sure that everyone has the opportunity to join activities and have some fun next to all the studying. There is also a weekend in which all the Thor members can join which will be completely organized by these second and third year students.

In short: ACCI organizes activities for every Electrical Engineering and Automotive student to have some relaxation from studying.






Currently installed in the ACCI Committee:

  • Niek Brekelmans
  • Dana de Vreede
  • Ronald Janssen
  • Mirte Verdaasdonk
  • Thijs Lacquet
  • Renate Debets
  • Joep Gevaert
  • Quinten Aalders
  • Joost van Engelen
  • Tristan Stevens
  • Daniël Stekelenburg
  • Jop Knoppers
  • Luca Ligter
  • Ramon Hameleers
  • David van Son
  • Sebastiaan van Andel
  • Esmee Esselaar
  • Dennis Niemark
  • Teun Urselmans
  • Jari van Ewijk
  • Jelle Verest
  • Jeffrey Baaijens
  • Jules Hilkens
  • Julian Krol
  • Michiel Arts
  • Thomas Lippens

Thor is supported by: