At Ellips we have a passion for accurate grading. Our TrueSort software enables machine manufacturers to build machines for grading fruit and vegetables. All over the world these machines are used to ensure consumers can buy produce with a consistent quality, color and shape.

TrueSort is developed and maintained in Eindhoven. Three development teams use the agile-scrum process to add new features and improvements to our software. The first team specializes in the user interface. They use C#/WPF and web technology. The team provides the machine operator with a clear view on the sorting and packaging process. The second team's speciality is machine vision. They use image processing on color and NIR (near-infrared) images to determine the properties and quality of produce on the machine. New developments include hyper-spectral imaging and spectrography. Finally, the 3rd team ensures we stay on the bleeding edge of technology. This includes integration of USB3 vision support. They also ensure the real-time behaviour of whole systems consisting of more than 20 computers working together.

Ellips offers its employees a lot of room to do their work according to their personal preferences. The product owner specifies what features he wants. The development teams decide how these are best implemented. Some team members become in-depth specialists, other members prefer to work on a broad range of different topics. Some employees enjoy implementing code, others spend a lot of time in consultation with customers to get the desired specifications clear. Some employees always work in Eindhoven, others fly all over the world to assist customers on site.

Visit our website at www.ellips.com to see TrueSort in action. Students looking for a graduation project, a job or simply more information are welcome to contact hans.kester@ellips.com.

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