PROMEXX works on the basis of secondment and fixed-price projects in the field of technical software development and is specialized in mechatronics and robotics.Since our foundation in 2004, we have grown into a leading player in this specific field with more than 20 renowned clients.
Naturally, our employees play a pivotal role in our service provision.That is why they are intensively supervised and trained.Because of our specialization, our employees have experience integrating mechanics, electronics and software.The following topics play an important role in our projects:
•        motion
•        robotics
•        vision
•        user interfaces
•        web interfaces
•        databases
•        industry 4.0
We are a tech club in the good sense of the word, without gimmicks, without arrogance.But we will stick our neck out if we can substantiate, based on our expertise, why we recommend a (different) solution.
PROfessional Mentality and EXXpertise, that's what PROMEXX is all about.