Volundr is the old Norse name of Wayland the Blacksmith, but also name of the committee that organizes all kinds of practical workshops. The goal of Volundr is to teach students the practical sides of Electrical Engineering which are not taught in college. For example, Volundr organizes soldering workshops, PCB-Design workshops and other workshops testing your ingenuity and tinkering skills.

If you like tinkering and the practical side of Electrical Engineering or Automotive and want to help others to learn these practical things as well, make sure you join Volundr.



Currently installed in Volundr:

  • Jorn de Vries
  • Rutger van Anrooij
  • Arwin Verhoeven
  • Bart Bas
  • Joris Witteman
  • Gijs Neerhof
  • Michiel Arts
  • Dana de Vreede


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