The LANCo is the committee that organises a yearly LAN-party, called the TesLAN. The TesLAN is a weekend full of fun where people can connect through video-games. Every year the LAN-party takes place around the Christmas holiday and lasts 48 hours. The TesLAN has tourneys for the casual gamer such as Trackmania and Minecraft as well as Tournaments for the enthusiastic and fanatic gamers with more competitive games like League of Legends and Counterstrike. If you want to know more about the TesLAN please visit , or send an email to the lanco.

Currently installed in the LANCo are:
Martyn van Dijke
Bo Adam
Dennis Kofflard
Ivo Rooijackers
Mathijs Verhaegh
Tijmen van Nisselrooij
Wybe van Vlokhoven
Kars van Kessel
Thijs van Gansewinkel
Renate Debets
Max Winsemius
Thijs Lacquet


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