Ivaldi is the committee for our first year students and organized by our first year students. Ivaldi organizes around five or six events each year. Each year there are at least 2 returning events, the so-called ‘open huis dag” (open house day) and ‘Ivaldi-feest’ (party). On this open house day, parents of first year students are able to see what their children are doing on the university. They will attend a lecture and afterwards they have to finish a lab exercise in which they are tested on the knowledge they have acquired during this lecture. After this hard day they are able to complete their university experience by going to Het Walhalla, the pub of the faculty. ‘Ivaldi-Feest’ (party) is an event in which students will be organizing a party, not your average birthday, but they will try to make a party which is attended by students of all year within our association. 

Besides the ‘open huis dag’ and ‘Ivaldi-feest’, we have a few more events that are organized, these events are different every year, because the creative minds of the students who are involved in this change every year. 

The Ivaldi is all about the creative minds of first-year students who are interested in organizing such events. During their time in Ivaldi, they will develop the skills which are needed for making an event succeed, such as planning, making a financial picture of the event, the promotion, making minutes and having meetings. There will be moments when everyone has stress, but when they work together as a team there isn’t a thing that can stand in their way. Everyone in the Ivaldi has a goal for his or her own, a goal to strive to and to challenge themselves, but their main goal would be to let as many students possible attend these events.


Currently Ivaldi consist out of these members: 


Open huis dag:

  • Laura Barendsz
  • Daan Dekker
  • Maartje Jansen
  • Frank Overbeeke
  • Noor Schroen
  • Matthijs van Wijk



  • Heleen Fischer
  • Anouk van Kuik
  • Gijs Peters
  • Jos Willems
  • Harald List



  • Lieke Geubels
  • Kevin van Hastenberg
  • Mandy Heppe
  • Marijn de Krom
  • Tim van Lijsel



  • Daan Baas
  • Noud Jacobs
  • Nicky Roijen
  • Mayke Scheffer
  • Fabian Lucas Luijckx



  • Sanne van den Aker
  • Coen Jegers
  • Jasper Meessen
  • Gialesi Notkamp
  • Anouk Westhoff



  • Lisa van Etten
  • Ivo Kraayeveld
  • Rick Luiken
  • Maxime van Veghel
  • Joost Visser

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