The FotoCo does what the name implies, taking pictures. They are represented at all Thor activities to capture the moment on (digital) film. These are then sorted and posted on the website. So in short, it is one of the fun and easy committees to take place in.

Since some time now, the FotoCo is equiped with it's own DSLR camera which has boosted the quality of the photos a lot.

Currently installed in the FotoCo Committee are:


Rob Sanders
Jasper van der Zandt
Mark Legters
Ralph Roetman
Joost van der Woerdt
Jasper Sleumer
Daan Daverveld
Tom Janssen
Marijn Rombouts
Robin Steenbakkers
Thomas van der Werff
Martyn van Dijke
Martijn de Kok
Meeuwis van den Hoek




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