This committee of 4-6 people organizes a study trip to a country inside Europe. These tours last a few days to a week and are focused at getting acquainted with the business structures over there as well as getting in touch with other cultures. The committee plans the cultural tours and arranges the company visits. Another important part of the organization is fundraising. It is a major task of the committee to contact companies for sponsoring.

Are you interested in getting experience in interacting with companies, getting in touch with different cultures and obtaining some management skills? Then the Study Trip Committee might be just your thing!

A brief description of the general set-up of a committee is described below.

  1. Chairman
    The Chairman or ‘frontman’ of the committee keeps an overview of the organization process. He or she plans and leads each meeting, holds a little acknowledgement speech at each company visit and writes a very inspiring preface for the preliminary report.
  2. Secretary
    The Secretary keeps an overview of the mail. The important letters like sponsor requests to companies and such are checked and created under the supervision of the Secretary. Usually the Secretary takes notes of each meeting, though this can be arranged otherwise. Because of this task, the Secretary usually knows a lot of what is going on and supports the Chairman.
  3. Treasurer
    This master of finances controls the budget. He or she makes an overview of the budget and also take care that the money is well spent. The opinion of the Treasurer is because of this very important in the decision making process.
  4. Commissioner External Relations
    Since the fundraising is such an important part of the tour, this task itself is executed by all members of the committee together. This Commissioner of External Relations keeps an overview of the incoming budget and decides which companies the committee is going to contact for sponsoring. He or she is the one that can hold the most inspiring speeches, so the one that will join if one of the committee members visits a company. Furthermore, the sponsor guide is created under his or her supervision.
  5. Commissioner of Excursions
    This person keeps an overview of the company visits, tough arranging these visits is also executed by the rest of the committee. He or she talks a lot with interesting people within the university and related institutes to get an overview of the companies that could host a visit in the country to visit.
  6. Boss of Publications
    This is the creative genius behind the logos, website and design of the reports. This ‘Steve Jobs’ of the committee cannot easily share his or her task with a lot of people, so usually two people are appointed to this task and create the website and reports separately.

If the organizing group consists of less than 6 people, tasks like Commisioner of Excursions are distributed among the committee members.

Are you enthusiastic to join a study trip committee? Do not hesitate to contact board@thor.edu for more information about the possibilities.

Current BuEx: in progress

Organised by:

  • Kevin van Hastenberg
  • Jurgen Kok
  • Atalante Koolen
  • Noortje Hagelaars
  • Yvonne Vullers

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