Why the catamaran is awesome

Monday, February 25, 2019

You all know me as the Commissioner of Education, but you probably haven’t seen me during one of my favorite activities: sailing, preferably on a catamaran.

At the age of 7, I started sailing. I started off with a small Optimist and Catsy and later switched to the bigger catamarans. I mainly sailed at the Belgium coast where my grandparents have an apartment. I used to go to a sailing camp for one week every year from the age of 8 until 15. Now, whenever I go on vacation to the south and I am close to a sea, I always hire a catamaran and go out sailing a few times.

 The amazing property of a catamaran is that it is built for speed. That is also why they have two small hulls instead of a big one. Because the two small hulls are far apart, the catamaran lays stable on the water, but the resistance is low. When there is enough wind, the force of the wind pulls one of the hulls out of the water, leaving almost no resistance with the water. This property also comes with a drawback though. If you make a mistake with enough wind, then the Catamaran has a high chance of capsizing. Because this happens sometimes, the boats are build to not be damaged when capsizing, and you can easily tilt the boat back to the correct position in around 10 minutes.

There is nothing better than sailing on one hull, hanging outside the boat in your trapeze, going fast and cutting through the waves. I hope I’ll soon find the time again for another sailing trip!


Thijs Lacquet

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