A weekend back home

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ever since I moved to Eindhoven to study, I have visited my parents’ home back in Twente quite frequently. In my first year I went back almost every weekend, but through the course of time this started to happen less often. It started with staying in Eindhoven during the exam weeks to study and developed to the point where I now try to visit once a month. (I can only image the international students reading this and thinking that once a month is still very frequently; probably some Dutch students thinking that too.) Anyway, as the frequency of my visits dropped, the amount of random chores or tasks that ‘just came up’ whenever I come home somehow increased, weird. I think that a family member or friend, who just bought or broke something and is now asking you to fix it, sounds quite familiar to most of us. Even though a lot of the things they ask have nothing to do with your study at all. Personally I kind of love when somebody throws a random task like that at me. In a way it is like a side quest in my weekend. It is always a surprise what kind of little puzzle, as I see them, comes up this time. Last weekend it varied from a loose wire that needed to be re-soldered, to install a wireless printer, to photoshop multiple pictures of my fathers elderly home into one to get a picture of the full house. Most of these chores, tasks or however you want to call them, do not require a lot of work and are quite fun to do. But the thing I love the most is the happy reaction people give when you helped them out.

Have a nice day and hopefully see you around soon!

Geen gedonder, op Het Walhalla!

Mike Zanderink

Candidate Vice President and candidate Commissioner of Het Walhalla of e.t.s.v. Thor   


Mike Zanderink

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