A week in the life of the Commissioner of Education

Monday, November 5, 2018

Everybody is busy in the week before the exams. Students are studying hard, lecturers are creating the exams, but what is the Commissioner of Education doing?

To answer this, I will look at my previous week. As usual it started with the BV, the Board Meeting. During this meeting we discuss what is going on within Thor, including the previous and upcoming activities. When this meeting finished, I had about half a minute to run 8 floors down to go to the Second Year’s Council. During the year councils, all problems with courses are discussed. And there is of course a lot to discuss at the end of a course. After the Second Year Council, I had a break of about an hour before my next meeting. A meeting with the members of the Student Body, who are mainly known for organizing the year councils. After all these meetings it is time to relax of course, so we went to Intermate with all Commissioners of Education of all the study associations on the TU/e, to have a wine tasting.

The next day my meetings started during the lunch break, I first went to the workplaces of the master associations to get some delicious döner from Odin during the ODDDDin. With my lunch I went to the First Year’s Council to get an update about all the problems in the first year’s courses. I ended my day with a meeting with all the book representatives from all study associations and the book supplier, Studystore.

Wednesday started of with some great lunch (again), one of the features as a Commissioner of Education. I went to the monitor group bachelor college, also called the Krokettenlunch. Besides eating delicious kroketten and some great sandwiches, we discussed the problems in the bachelor college with the dean bachelor college and all Commissioners of Education. Problems with Calculus, Engineering Design, PRV’s, USE learning lines, etc... After this meeting I had to run to my next meeting, which had already started, the program committee. In the program committee we, for example, discussed things which we maybe would like to change in the new regulations, the OER. After a break and afternoon of busy meetings I ended my day in Het Walhalla, with our Board drink.

My meetings on Thursday started of during the lunch break (as usual), for the third time this week with another year council, this time the Third Year Council. After the Third Year Council I took my bike to cycle to the other side of the campus, to the Kennispoort. In the Kennispoort I had a meeting with the other Commissioners of Education (which I met for the fourth time this week) and some people in the University Council. Here we got an update on what was happening in the university, and we could discuss some of the problems we were having. They also had free lunch, which is great.

The last day of the week I mainly spend on the General Members Meeting. Building it up, having the GMM, and then breaking everything down. Because of this, I sadly had to skip my last year council this week, the master council.

After a week filled with a lot of meetings (and free lunches), trying to improve the education for all our students it was time to grab a beer and relax in Het Walhalla.


Thijs Lacquet

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