Monday, May 13, 2019

I have always liked and disliked learning new things and skills at the same time. As a kid I was always trying new things, which can also be seen by the number of different sports and activities I tried. I have always been eager to learn new things, stories and skills.
The stories could be easily seen by the interest I showed in books. When I was younger you could find me reading about 40% of the time. I loved absorbing new stories which in turn I could tell other people about. The interest in learning new things is easily seen in the (seemingly random) combination of sports I did, which went from playing tennis and basketball to ice skating, short track and gymnastics.

In my family we always like to tease each other a little bit, for instance calling someone a “watje” when they don’t dare to try something new until they do try it. Kind of the same effect as “bluf” has at Thor. At the same time as liking to try new things I have also always disliked trying new things, since I have always been afraid of failing. Almost every new thing I have picked up along the way was inspired or encouraged by someone else. I started ice skating and tennis because of my parents, and gymnastics and basketball because of my friend (who also did these sports). In this year I have learned that jumping in the deep and trying new things can maybe be scary but can lead to the most beautiful experiences. So yes, maybe I am a little bit of a watje, but at least I can say that I dare to try new things and learn from them.

PS: before you ask, yes I am a little bit too short for basketball, but I still enjoyed it!


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