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Monday, June 10, 2019

Since the year is almost coming to an end, its almost time for the summer vacation! While I am looking forward to having a good break and catching up to friends, it’s the first time since my 17th birthday that I did not plan any vacation with my friends. No trips outside of Europa no sunny beaches, no relaxing on the beach. I only partly planned a vacation with my parents to visit my relatives in Poland.

And for the first time in years this does not really bother me, I am really looking forward to spending more time with my parents, my sister and our dog and cat. During my Board year I stayed in Eindhoven much more then I would have liked and when I am at my parents’ home, I had to study or do some last-minute Board stuff. That’s the main reason I am really looking forward to the vacation to have good quality time with my parents and to relax.

Nevertheless, I am also that kind of person that want to be busy most of the time and has struggles to really relax when doing nothing. But I have made a plan, or actually, better a to-do list for the vacation: catching up on the series that I missed, watching the movies I missed, reading my first book in a long time by Exurba1, coding more stats from my Board year, doing more stuff with my own server. Figuring out how to make an awesome beer crate radio, and gaming, probably a lot of good old first-person shooter games. I noticed in the Carnival break that for some reason it relaxes me a lot and brings back some awesome childhood memories. Next to all the physical stuff, I also want to really catch up with friends who I did not see very often this year, so wish me luck managing all this.

If you have any suggestions mail me a message for more things to do!


Martyn van Dijke

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