Monday, January 28, 2019

You can’t guess how happy I am that I have to write this blog exactly this week. This week is awesome because, as you must have noticed, the world is covered in snow. I absolutely love winter, but I love snow even more. I can remember the last few times the first snow fell and how I reacted or where I was. For instance, last year, the first snow started to fall down during one of the lab sessions of Electromechanics. I was very very excited and almost pushed Niek out of his chair when pointing to the window. The time before that, I woke up on a Saturday morning at my parents’ house. When I looked outside, I saw my neighbors’ children already building snowmen and having snow fights. This motivated me to directly get dressed (as many layers as possible of course to stay warm) and run into the garden to build my own small snowman. In conclusion, I absolutely love the snow and would love to introduce all of you to Wilbert the snowman. Enjoy the snow as long as it lasts!


Dana de Vreede

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