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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hello Readers!

Because the last few blogs where about people their hobbies, I thought I would tell you something about a hobby of mine. Dungeons and Dragons. Also known as D&D. The best short explanation of D&D I can find is form a show called HarmonQuest:

“a collective story-telling game, where everyone is in the story in their collective imagination. However, there is a god: one person who says if the actions the players want to do succeed or fail. Those judgments are decided using a combination of rules and various dice.”

The first time my interest in D&D was peaked was when I was on vacation with my parents in 2016. We did a road trip in Italy so we spend quite some time in the car. As we were preparing to get ready for another long day in de car, I saw a reddit post that referenced to a podcast called The Adventure Zone. Because I was a bit burned out of the games I played while in the car, I went with a gamble and downloaded the first 20 episode.

The Adventure Zone is a podcast where three brothers and their dad play D&D. I was immediately sucked in the story. Also one of the things that really blew my mind, was the fact that the players could do everything they wanted to do. There were no bounds on players which you do have in games. If a player wanted to ask something from the person they were talking to, you didn’t have to just hope that it was in the options to choose form. You could just ask it! So after almost half a year of listening to The Adventure Zone, I grabbed some friends together and planned my first session.

Some time passed and we played more sessions. At a certain point the new campaign of critical role also started. (For the people who don’t know,  critical role is a show where voice actors play D&D (Kinda like The Adventure Zone)). Over the past 4 years, I played a few different characters and many more sessions. I still watch critical role and listen to The Adventure Zone. I also have a group with whom I play.

If I add all these things together that have something to do with D&D, it is a time costly hobby, but one that gives me great pleasure. It is always a blast to play, listen or watch. And hey, maybe this blog is your gateway to a hobby that is super much fun.

Geen Gedonder!


Lars Reijnders

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