Monday, November 19, 2018

The life of a Commissioner of Het Walhalla mostly consists of random tasks. More often than not, when I am sitting in the Board room, working on some tasks, a Tapper will randomly barge in and ask if I am really very busy. Usually this is not the case, so the Tapper tells me what is on his mind. This can be anything from broken lightbulbs to dirty floors to a newly opened swimming pool Het Hemeltje. This makes my days very interesting, because I never know what the day will bring me.

This randomness is present throughout my Board year, mostly because wherever I go, beer goes with me. It seems that beer has the strange ability to increase randomness. Although it is not always beer which sparks the randomness. Sometimes, just having beer in the vicinity is enough. This was the case at ACCI weekend. As you probably read in Dana’s blog, I met her before the start of my first year here. We were (again randomly) discussing this at the campfire at ACCI weekend. Somehow, the conversation went from how I met Dana, to what speech Dana would give at my funeral, and vice versa. Dana, as a proper President, then started speeching on the spot. Her speech mostly consisted of playing “bullsh*t bingo”, but in the end it was a very emotional and kind speech.

Even though I do not hope to die anytime soon, I at least know that there will be one very nice speech.


David van Son

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