Purple and pink

Friday, October 16, 2020

My turn to write a blog. Although I like writing, it took me a while to start writing this blog. I could simply not figure out what to write about. I think this the goal of this blog is to give a little insight in our lives, so I decided to write about purple and pink. 
As a group of kandi's there comes a moment where you start to think about your colours. The colours that will be used for the stickers of that year, and for the clothes that you'll wear. Choosing colours became harder than it seemed. We talked hours and hours about a whole lot of combinations in whole lot of meetings. In the end we chose a kind of yellow and a dark blue, however, every meeting the colours purple and pink were brought up as well. Half of our group liked it, but the other half was strongly against. 
Because we had our meetings in discord, people could see when we were meeting, and when hovering their mouse over our stream they could see that we were talking about colours. People started to guess and talk about colours. We got quite annoyed, and decided to tell everyone that our colours were going to be purple and pink, and David also wrote a story about purple and pink in all of our minutes. 

The reactions we got were intense, but not surprising. Some liked it, but others were saying it was too extreme, we wouldn't be taking seriously and that it was not representative for the association. The colours purple and pink showed that they could trigger a huge amount of reactions. And we, we started to like it. We made all kinds of ideas what to do with the colours purple and pink. We will give Meeuwis, our board pet, a hoodie (or another piece of clothing) in the colours purple and pink. We make jokes about painting the front desk in the board room and about organising a purple/pink drink. 

Even though yellow and blue are our real colours, purple and pink will remain in our hearts as our other colours.


Lucia Kalkman

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