Organising a lunch outside

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dear reader,

You probably all know our first-year committee Ivaldi. As always, the committee is highly promoted among the first-years to ensure a filled committee and a lot of groups, which also mean a lot of awesome activities! 
When you promote a committe, it is also customary that you have an interest meeting to give some more insight in what will happen during the years. For Ivaldi, this is the Ivaldi interest lunch. A lunch well visited, since the lunch provided is free, and who does not like free food? This year is no exception in the fact that the Ivaldi lunch was organized again. However, the setting was hugely different. Due to corona, we could not organise the meeting inside, which meant we would have to go outside!

This asks for some (a lot) of preparation. The rules of the university change a lot every week, so it's also very hard to keep track what rules you have to follow for such an activity. Weeks before the activity we claimed a field to host the lunch on, so we were provided with electricity and a bin. All the other stuff we would have provide ourselves. Since everyone has to have a place to sit, we needed a lot of benches and tables. Unfortunately, Thor does not have cantustables itself, so we would have to ask the other association very nicely if we could pretty please borrow their tables and benches. This was harder than imagined, since a lot of these interactions were pretty last minute, creating a lot of stress for the organisation, AKA me. Finally, we managed to gather all the benches and tables just before the lunch was supposed to start. Together with the team who prepared the free lunch upstairs, we set up everything very quickly so the new enthousiastic first-years were able to have a nice lunch while listening to me talk way too enthousiastically about my time in the Ivaldi, and the Ivaldi in general. 

This interest lunch was also when I realized I really like talking into a microphone. We had a setup of one of the Thorspeakers and a microphone, which was very nicely borrowed to me by Het Walhalla. In stead of talking very loudly, or even shouting. I was able to talk very relaxed and laid back in the microphone and everyone was able to hear me! I invited some of the old Ivaldi people to share their story, and most importantly, to ask about their craziest memorandumpoint during their meetings. 

Overall, the activity was a great success in my eyes! Even though when cleaning up, we managed to confuse the RolCo's from different associations, so we handed the GEWIS cantusbenches in with our own RolCo, I had a lot of fun, and from the subscriptions for this year's Ivaldi, I would like to very carefully say that the first-years enjoyed the activity as well.

Thank you for your attention and I hope all of you enjoy the upcoming Ivaldi activities!

Kind regards,
David Blom
candidate Secretary of e.t.s.v. Thor


David Blom

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