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Monday, April 1, 2019

It may surprise you, but a Board year is often spent in the Board room, typing a lot of mails and being there to talk to people. In the Board room I almost always have music on to help me stay concentrated and enjoy my day. For me the day starts as soon as I am on my bike ride to the university, almost always with my headphones on and music playing in the background. Often, a lot of people give me strange looks while I’m biking, since I usually make weird hand gestures and body movements once I listen to music.

The first thing I do when I have an early shift, is getting to the phone connected to the speakers, opening the spotify app, and clicking on the playlist HEXAGON Collection and clicking on play.

The HEXAGON playlist is my favourite playlist. I am not exactly sure why, but I am a large fan of future house and more electronic beats with (female) voices on it. That’s I guess the main reason why I extremely like Don Diablo, the owner of the HEXAGON music label.  For me, his music is special, and while it seems contradicting, it relaxes me and eases my state of mind at any moment, while other songs give me energy and really help me get my stuff done.
While people often think electronic music is just random beats with nothing to it, for me Don Diablo shows the opposite is true. The best songs that shows this is The Artist Inside of Me. It is made after the passing of Don Diablo’s father and has a real emotional undertone about life and how life itself is very precious, and that you should enjoy all moments possible.

I have been to multiple concerts of Don Diablo and the more concerts I have been to, the more I want to go to a new concert. If there are any other Don Diablo / HEXAGON fans out of there, be sure to contact me!


Martyn van Dijke

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