How I ended up at Electrical Engineering

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

In 6VWO I decided I want to become an aerospace engineer. This was because I was very motivated to contribute in the exploration of space! But the selection procedure for new students was semi-randomized, based on results from your exams. It was  halfway June when I got the news, one and a half month after the deadline of subscribing for your study had passed. So I had to act fast and one of my friends convinced me astrophysics is the same, right? Wrong! But I started it and it was challenging me to think from every angle, which fit my learning motivations and made it fun! The only problem is it was a very theoretical study and most of the problems did not exist in real life because they are physically impossible. Because of this I wanted something which I could have more of a feel for, a hands-on approach. Something I could actually do! So I started looking for a study related to my second favorite course, Electromagnetism! (My favorite was quantum physics but you can’t really do something with that by yourself). So I decided I wanted to do Electrical Engineering because I can just order some components for cheap from China and tinker away to my heart’s content!


Ronald Janssen

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