Favourite television series growing up!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

As I am sure most of you have a favourite television show which you would love to watch as a child!
While everyone has his or her favourite, I will give you more insight into my favourite TV show growing up, namely Pat & Mat, Buurman en Buurman in Dutch.


For the ones that don’t know the show: it consists of two stop motion animated puppets.
These puppets are called Pat (the one in the yellow shirt) and Mat (the one in the red shirt). Pat & Mat are two ingenious neighbours that will try to make or fix anything but often, while doing so, worsen the situation drastically.

Originally, Pat & Mat comes from Czechoslovak and has no dialog in it, only the Dutch version is dubbed. This makes it far more relaxing, interesting and fun to watch, in my opinion.
My main remedy for a flu back then was watching Pat & Mat and eating a noodle soup, which would always work! Watching Pat & Mat meant getting the VHS recorder/decoder and finding the right tape, putting it on backwards speed to get to the beginning of the tape and pressing play.
If I think about it, it was way more work to watch a series or movie back then than it is now, but it was way more rewarding in some sense to watch your favourite, since you had to do a lot more effort than nowadays.

To conclude this blog, I would like to give a short review about my most seen episode, in which they were cooking a chicken breast, which is the first on the Dutch tapes. In this episode, Mat tries to roast a chicken but fails, since the chicken is slippery and flies through the window eventually. In order to solve the problem, the neighbours take a workbench and their tools to grasp the chicken. In the end, they settle on building a real stone oven inside their house to bake the chicken. However, once there are done building the oven, their realise all their chicken is gone!

If you have never seen Pat & Mat I hope I got you enthusiastic to watch it sometime! I hope you enjoyed my blog and to say farewell in style, I have to end with: A je to!


Martyn van Dijke

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