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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Woehoeee! I just thought of a new blog type: I’m hereby introducing the live blog. I’ll be reporting on our ‘Board tour’ this weekend, where our board meets each other’s parents. I’ll keep you up to date on all the stories about the rest (hehe). Unfortunately, Dana and David could not make it.

The first parents we visited were Ronald’s parents. Ronald used to play hand ball a lot (where he showed his ‘direct’ behavior already). When his (small) opponent annoyed him, he just stuck out his hand when his opponent was running past him, by which he ‘accidently’ kinda choked him. This got him a yellow card. Of course, once wasn’t enough, so this happened again 10 minutes later, and Ronald was sent away with a red card!

Thijs’ parents were the next to be interrogated. They told us that Thijs used to be very fond of sports and was even a bit athletic. Thijs used to like water a lot. Sailing was his favourite sport and building sand fortresses was his best thing to do at the beach. Since he become Commissioner of Education, he apparently uses his parents to let off some steam about educational matters, because his parents knew a lot about his meetings and the ideas he disagrees on.

Renate lives in a very nice old church in the middle of nowhere. We heard naughty stories about Renate as a child. On her primary school, she once stood on the toilet to peek at the other toilet stall. Unfortunately, the director walked in and saw it, which resulted in a severe punishment: little Renate had to write the same sentence on the school board 100 times.

We slept at my father’s place, where he had some great stories about me. My fellow board members were very pleased to see a very OCD proof house, which my father mostly designed himself. The space between the tiles merges into the space between the kitchen cabinets, just like the alignment of the spotlights. After that, we went to my mother’s place, who told the rest how annoying I could be as a (very) small child. She once was so annoyed that she dropped me off at our neighbor with the message that she did not want to see me anymore for quite some time!

Our last stop was in Limburg, but luckily, we could keep our passports in our bags. Martyn's parents were definitely fun.They called him a lazy lumberjack, who is very stubborn. When we asked his mother about stories of his past, she said "I could make an entire encyclopedia about that!". He used to go to kinder garten crying because he did not like it and talked to himself about how annoying primary school is. When he fed the children farm's animals, they stormed at him and he threw his food in the air and ran away quickly. On the same day, little Martyn thought the rabbit's feces were raisins and he tried to eat them. He also almost flushed his hamster while trying to clean him and almost burried his sister alive as well. To summarize Martyn, they said: he was always either eating or pooping. Martyn's parents gave Ronald a nice self-made Polish delicacy: Vodka pickles!

I hope you all enjoyed my (live) blog, I certainly liked writing it! We are now on our way back to Eindhoven, see you back in Flux tomorrow!

Geen Gedonder!


Niek Brekelmans

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