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Friday, November 20, 2020

Hello there ladies, gentlemen and variations thereof,

Keeping in trend with last two blogs, I’m also going to write about music, because one of my hobbies is making music too.

I never really listened to music that much until December 2014 when I really got into EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Not long after starting to listen to EDM I decided that I wanted to try to make it myself. So around March 2015 I downloaded a trial version of FL Studio, FL Studio is a so called digital audio workshop, DAW for short. For about a year I experimented with all the plugins and samples in FL but I could never reopen a project after saving it because it was a trial version, so I recorded everything I did using screen capture software.

After about a year, I got the full version of FL studio through… means. This allowed me to make my projects a bit more complex as I could just save and reopen them. Since I’m still making music now, that means I’ve been doing it for about 5.5 years now and I’ve learned quite a bit over the years. It’s happened a lot that I listened to a professional track and compared it to mine and thought, I’m never going to get this good, and I probably never will. But for some reason I keep continuing, I’ve never stopped. I guess I really like it. I’d even dare to say that at this point I’ve got some tracks that are actually quite good, at least in my opinion. Unfortunately one of the things that tend to happen to producers, well at least to me, is that after I’ve made a part of track there is a point where I never continue working on it so I just have half a track each time. But I actually want to try to finish a couple tracks soon. In a future blog I might even delve into how I produce a track but for now I’ll leave you with my story of how I got into making music and who know, maybe I’ll give some of you a listen at some point.

Have a great day.


Nick Verstegen

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