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Thor Bingo Card - Quartile 2

Hey there,

So, do you have anything to do this quartile? I imagine you probably do. Everything’s a bit lame with all the corona-virus stuff right now huh? Well here is something extra to do, a bingo card to complete! You can win cool prices n’ stuff.

To participate, enrol below. There are 3 tiers of winning prices, completing one row or column, completing 3 rows and/or columns or randomly completing 24 boxes, and completing the entire card. These stack by the way, so if you complete the whole card you get 3 prices!

This bingo card will run for the duration of quartile 2, for the boxes related to passing a course an exception is made.

Activity related boxes will work retroactively, so for example if you participated in OkThorberfest but you started the bingo card afterwards, it will still count.

If you have any questions you can sent an email to ib@thor.edu


Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 15:45


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