[SkelThorCo] Information lunch

Do you want to apply your electrical engineering and/or automotive knowledge on a “project with 4 wheels”?

This committee will focus on building an Electric “Skelter”, the SkelThor. We will also give workshops in large electronics and organize events focused on Automotive Technology.

The SkelThor is an ordinairy “skelter” but we will motorize it with an Electric motor, control systems and batteries (and a discoball). However, this is challenging, so we need your help!

This Committee is accessible for all Thor members, AT and EE students, as long as you are interested in vehicles, power electronics and learning practical skills such as PCB design, organization of events and maybe even welding…

Come to the information Lunch to enjoy a nice sandwich and have a chat with us, discuss what you want to do or organize and see the SkelThor in real life!


Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 12:45 to 13:25


Flux Colloquium floor 7

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