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Introduction week

Mon, 2019-08-19 (All day) to Fri, 2019-08-23 (All day)

For many students, the Intro Week is the best week of the year, if not of their whole study period. It’s the time for new students to get to know all the secrets that Eindhoven has in stock for them. They get in touch with the active study-, student- and sport associations and learn how life works in the City of Light. Beside that, it's also a great week for older students, who get the chance to teach the new generation how the daily affairs here are arranged. Of course, we will again collaborate with the other studyassociations and the TU/e to organize this awesome week. We really think it’s going to be at least as awesome as the prior introduction weeks.

If you have any questions concerning the Intro Week, do not hesitate to contact by mail through


If you want to volunteer for the upcomming introductionweek, click this link:

If you want to check out how awesome last years introduction week was, click the following link:



Walhalla goes Walhalla (zomerfeesten)

Fri, 2019-07-19 16:30 to 23:59

Many of you have heard of it, though only few of you have ever been there. It's time to change that and to let you experience the true awesomeness of the 'other' Walhalla. The Walhalla in Deurne is a bar, located inside the ruins of a 14th century castle. It was founded in 1964, which makes it roughly ten years older than our beloved Het Walhalla. Like in Eindhoven, the Walhalla in Deurne relies on the hard work of volunteers and serves beer cheaply. The Board consists of five people and, coincidencially, one of our Oude Bokken - TvN - has been a Board member there for over three years. He now invites Thor to visit his beloved castle. After Het Walhalla in Eindhoven closes, we will order food together. After dinner, we will take the train to Deurne. Once there, we will visit the 'Walhalla Zomerfeesten festival'! At the end of this night to remember, a bus will take us back to Flux. The ticket to Deurne is for your own costs, the ticket there and bus ride home are included!

€ 10.00

[Ivaldi] Dropping

Thu, 2019-07-04 20:00 to 23:59

Do you want to experience your childhood days again, playing hide and seek in the woods with all of your friends? This year that is possible. VersThorpertje will be a dropping combined with hide and seek, food and drinks is the recipe for a fun night which you’ll hopefully remember (or not).

Dinner is in front of flux at 18.45. After that we gather in front of flux at 20.00 WITH BIKES to start cycling to the start location.

It costs €3,- to join this activity and an additional €3,- if you decide to have dinner with us.

€ 3.00

Interesselijst Tappersgilde

Tue, 2019-07-02 10:46

Heb jij interesse om volgend jaar in Het Tappersgilde te gaan? Wil jij leren hoe je goed biertjes tapt of wil je weten waarom dat alle Tappers schreeuwen dat Tappen niet leuk is? Schrijf je dan hier in! (Het is niet nodig om je hier in te schrijven als je op de commissiemarkt jezelf al hebt ingeschreven.)

Exam training Mathematics II

Thu, 2019-06-27 13:30 to 16:30

Are you having trouble studying for the Mathematics II course? Do you want to practice one last time with the course material? Then come and join the Mathematics II exam training so you can prepare yourself for the final exam.

Sign up at the website ( or via e-mail (

The final exam of last year will be used during the training.

Exam training Systems

Mon, 2019-06-24 13:30 to 16:30

Are you having trouble studying for the Systems course? Do you want to practice one last time with the course material? Then come and join the Systems exam training so you can prepare yourself for the final exam.

Sign up at the website ( or via e-mail (

The exam from 2017 will be used during the training.

Matten met de ME

Thu, 2019-06-20 13:00 to 20:00

This is your chance to fight with the mobile unity! Throw rocks, shout hard and be agressive. The mobile unity will let you know (in their way) what they think about that. Van Der Waals and Thor will be as annoying as we can so the mobile unity can train. Subscribe quickly and don't miss this awesome activity! A maximum of 25 participants can join per association so be quick! A private bus will take us all to Ossendrecht where the police academy is.

Dit is jouw kans om te vechten met de mobiele eenheid! Gooi met stenen, schreeuw hard en wees agressief. De ME zal je (op hun manier) laten waten wat ze van je vinden. Van Der Waals en Thor zullen zo irritant mogelijk doen voor de ME zodat zij kunnen trainen. Schrijf je snel in en mis deze geweldige activiteit niet! Maximaal 25 deelnemers per vereniging kunnen zich inschrijven. Een privebus zal ons naar Ossendrecht brengen waar de politieacademie is. (Geen superlang gereis meer met het OV! YAY.)


Subscribe at the backup list if you want to join, but this list is full.

[Kvasir] TNO Lunchlecture

Wed, 2019-06-19 12:40 to 13:20

TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research TNO, was founded by law in 1932 to enable business and government to apply knowledge. As an organisation regulated by public law, they are independent: not part of any government, university or company. TNO does research in many different area's, from Care and Cure and Automotive to Maritime Technologies and Defence. In different projects they work on the applications of 3D-printers, radars and drones amongst many other things.

This time a speaker from TNO will give a lecture will be about

High Voltage, High Power: Electronics for a Safer World!


You can sign up for the lecture here or by sending a mail to (not possible after subscriptions are closed).

243rd GMM - day 3

Mon, 2019-06-17 18:00 to 23:00

On Monday 17th of June, the 243rd General Members Meeting of e.t.s.v. Thor will commence. The meeting will start at 18:00, will take place in Flux 6.154, and will be suspended no later than 22:45. Due to the number of topics on the agenda, on this day it is expected to address topic 22 to 37 on this day.


We will create a possibility to eat before the GMM. For the details you can come by the Thor Board room (Flux 6.184).


The Board suggests the following agenda:

  1. Opening
  2. Determining agenda
  3. Mail in/out
  4. Announcements
  5. Memorandum
  6. Minutes 242nd GMM
  7. Discharge FotoCo-member
  8. Discharges Aegir-members
  9. Presentation candidate Board 2019-2020 (first 4 candidates)
  10. Discharge Kvasir-member
  11. Discharge SkelThorCo-member
  12. Discharge Volundr-member
  13. Discharge TOCo-members
  14. Presentation candidate Board 2019-2020 (continuation)
  15. Election candidate Board 2019-2020
  16. Proposal about Bestuurspullen
  17. Financial result LANCo
  18. Budget LANCo
  19. Discharge LANCo-members
  20. Financial result WalLu
  21. Discharge WalLu-members
  22. Discharge FoodCo-members
  23. Financial result SnowCo
  24. Discharge SnowCo-member
  25. Update VAT requirement Thor
  26. Budget ReisCo
  27. Budget TIC
  28. Budget TACo
  29. Budget ThEW
  30. Update sponsoring
  31. Update financial investments Thor
  32. Update roof terrace renovation plans
  33. Discharge TilliT-member
  34. Discharge WebCo-member
  35. Other business
  36. Invitation of questions
  37. Closing


The documents for this meeting will be available for inspection in the Board room (Flux 6.184). These documents are also distributed via a separate mailing. If you want to receive this mailing, you can indicate so by a reply on this invitation. You can sign up here for paper documents during the GMM.

Please note: all candidate Board members without serious intentions of becoming Board, will be given a maximum of 2 minutes to present their policy.

Should you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Board.

CLODED Wok before GMM day 3

Mon, 2019-06-17 11:35



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