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[ACCI] MacGala

Mon, 2018-04-23 19:00 to 21:00

Na zo'n geweldig evenement als de decadente borrel krijgt iedereen honger. Natuurlijk wilt u in uw nette pak wel fancy kunnen eten. Daarom organiseert de ACCI het MacGala.

We zullen na de decadente borrel rond 19 uur voor flux verzamelen om daar met zijn allen naar de prachtige eetgelegenheid te fietsen.
De eetgelegenheid ligt op de prachtige locatie midden in het centrum van Eindhoven.
Hier kunt u genieten van de beste hamburgers in een straal van een meter en krijgt u hiernaast ook nog wat patat/friet en een niet alcoholisch drankje.
Indien u niet zoveel trek heeft, kunt u natuurlijk ook het blije kindermenu bestellen, waarbij u natuurlijk het wel bekende speeltje van de eetgelegenheid krijgt.

Van u wordt verwacht om op deze mooie dag uw eigen bord, bestek en eventueel glas zelf mee te nemen.

P.S. Wanneer u niet aanwezig kon zijn bij de decadente borrel, kunt u natuurlijk nog steeds meedoen met het MacGala.
Het enige wat u dan moet doen, is in uw pak om 19 uur voor Flux staan.

P.P.S. Mocht u gedurende het eten zin hebben in een alcoholische versnapering, dan moet u deze zelf meenemen. 
Wel waarschuwen wij u alvast dat u dit niet moet nuttigen onder het oog van de medewerkers.
Eventuele verwijdering van de eetgelegenheid is voor uw eigen risico.

After such a great event as the "decadente borrel", everyone gets hungry. Of course you want to eat fancy in your nice suit. That's why the ACCI organized the MacGala.

After the "decadente borrel" we will gather around 7pm for flux to cycle all the way to the beautiful dining area.
The dining area is situated in the beautiful location in the center of Eindhoven.
Here you can enjoy the best Burgers in a radius of a meter and you will also get some fries and a non alcoholic drink.
If you are not very hungry, you can of course also order the happy meal, with of course the well-known toy of the dining area.

You are expected to bring your own plate, cutlery and any glass on this beautiful day.

P.S. If you did not attend at the "decadente borrel" you can still attend at the MacGala.
You just have to show up in your suit in the front of Flux at 7 pm.

[ACCI] Decadentenborrel

Mon, 2018-04-23 16:30 to 19:00

Heb je altijd al eens zin gehad om uiterst decadent te borrelen in Het walhalla? Kom dan zo netjes mogelijk gekleed naar Het Walhalla op maandag 23 april. Iedereen die decadent gekleed is krijgt een gratis decadente consumptie! De decadente borrel vindt plaats gedurende de reguliere openingstijden van Het Walhalla.
Eenmaal uit geborreld kan je gelijk aansluiten bij het MacGala waar zeer chic gedineerd zal worden in een van de betere fastfood ketens in Eindhoven.
Voorafgaand aan de decadente borrel is er tevens de mogelijkheid om portret foto’s te laten maken door de FotoCo voor bijvoorbeeld LinkedIn, dit kan vanaf 15:30.
Vergeet geen bestek en servies mee te nemen als je mee gaat naar het MacGala!

Have you always wanted to have a formal drink in Het Walhalla? Join us all dressed up in Het Walhalla on Monday the 23th of April. There will be a free consumption for everyone who arrives dressed up neatly. The formal drink will take place during the regular opening hours of Het Walhalla.
After the formal drink, you can join the MacGala for a very formal diner which will take place in one of the better fast food chains in Eindhoven.
Prior to the formal drink, the FotoCo will be present to shoot proper portrait photos that can be used for LinkedIn. This will start at 15:30.
Do not forget to bring cutlery and crockery if you will join the MacGala!

[ACCI] LinkedIn Fotoshoot

Mon, 2018-04-23 15:30 to 16:30

Is your current profile picture starting to look more like your high school picture than your own image? Then this is the best opportunity to refresh your looks! 
Come to Flux floor 6 between 15:30 and 16:30 and get your new picture taken by the FotoCo. Participation is completely free! Come nicely dressed in a suit or a dress and you can go to the Decadente Borrel in the Walhalla!
If your are dressed neatly you can get a free glass of champagne If you are still hungry after this drink you can also participate in the MacGala! This is also free to participate in!

Wok before Batavierenrace

Fri, 2018-04-20 12:23

Make sure to subscribe before 16:00! The food will arrive around 17:30.


Fri, 2018-04-20 (All day) to Sun, 2018-04-22 (All day)

This year Thor is participating in the Batavierenrace again! The Batavierenrace is a fun relay race over 175 km from Nijmegen to Enschede, divided into 25 stages (16 men's stages and 9 women's stages) ranging from 3.8 km to 10.5 km. Over 8,500 students are participating, making it the biggest student sports event in the Netherlands. If running is not your piece of cake, you can deliver your top performance after the race as well, as after the race the Batavierenparty will take place. This party claims to be ‘Europe’s biggest student party’, and is a great way to relax after your athletic performance.

You do not have to run fast in order to participate, because we won’t be able to win from trained runners anyway. 
The participation fee is €35,- including a BBQ with Electrical Engineering students of Scintilla in Twente.

Are you athletic enough to take this challenge? Enroll now!

€ 35.00

[Thor] Back to the Kelder party

Thu, 2018-04-19 16:30 to 19:00

Since most Thor-members need some extra time adjusting to changes, we have decided to give our members some extra time to adjust to the nice weather by organising a Back to the Kelder party! All your favorites from the old Walhalla will be back in business, and we will keep that horrifiing sunlight out. A feast for your eyes, tung and liver!

Intro parents 2018

Mon, 2018-04-16 14:05

Like every year there will be an introduction week for all the new students that are going to study at the TUE next academic year. In order to guide all these students we are searching for volunteers. The introduction week is a fun week for both new students (kiddo’s) and old students (parents) that are willing to make the best week ever. If you think you’ve have it in you to be a good parent then please subscribe here and become one of the guides.


What is your job as a parent?

When you become a parent you’ll be appointed to a group of new students that are going to study either Electrical Engineering or Automotive Technology next year. This group has a size of +- 8 new students plus you and your partner, the 2 parents. It will be your job, together with your partner, to guide these students through the introduction program. This involves for example;

  • Making sure the students get to the activities
  • Let the students get to know each other
  • Let the students get to know Eindhoven
  • Let the students have a great time
  • And more!


How do you become a parent?

You can become a parent by filling in the form on this page. We will register your subscription and contact you later for more information.


Important remarks

  • We’re only looking for Electrical Engineering or Automotive Technology students.
  • If you are a first year student and we have to many parents then you’ll have a lower priority then 2nd, 3rd or master students.
  • We might invite you to ask a few questions about your motivation.
  • A parent should be available for the whole week sometimes from very early to very late.
  • It might be smart to subscribe with someone that you already know. This however, is not mandatory.
  • You have to be available from 20 til 24 August and also on the weekend before the intro (18 + 19). Otherwise you can NOT be an intro-parent.



Exam practice - Electronic Circuits 1

Thu, 2018-04-12 13:30 to 16:30

Are you having trouble studying for the Electronic Circuits I course? Do you want to practice one last time with the course material? Then come and join the Electronic circuits I exam practice so you can prepare yourself for the final exam

Interest list ReisCo

Thu, 2018-04-12 10:58

Do you like travelling? Did you enjoy the SPARK that much that you want to organize one yourself? Or did you miss the SPARK but still want to organize an amazing trip to a foreign country outside of Europe? Then the ReisCo is looking for you! With the ReisCo, you will contact companies for foreign excursions and sponsoring, you will get to know the culture and business structure of the country, and you will make sure that the trip will go as smoothly as possible. The tour will be around 4 weeks in which you arrange the company visits and the cultural activities.

 Another important part of the organization is fundraising. A part of the trip is funded by the so-called case studies. The participants work for a company for a given time, which will sponsor the study tour in return. Next to that, companies usually sponsor the trip by other means.

Are you interested in organizing such a trip? Do you want to learn how to contact foreign companies and learn more about their culture? please send a mail to, or walk by the Thor board room in Flux 6.184.


Exam practice - Computation 2

Thu, 2018-04-12 09:00 to 12:30

Are you having trouble studying for the Computation II course? Do you want to practice one last time with the course material? Then come and join the Computation II exam practice so you can prepare yourself for the final exam. During this exam training we will make use of the virtual machine for the programming assignments. Make sure to bring your laptop with the virtual machine already configured!


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