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Monday, December 31, 2018

[LUSTRUM] Thor goes to the Efteling

Every year the Board organizes a fun day for Thor's active members to thank them for their  commitment to the association. During the Lustrum we will arrange another such day. If you're an active member you can join us on a trip to a theme park nearby! You will have to pay for the parks admission, we will take care of the transit.

The subscriptions will open 20th of November at 13:00. 

There is a maximum of 60 places, if you subscribed too late, you will receive an email from Thor that you are on the spare list. 

The fields with a asteriks are mandatory, so you do not have to fill in your phone number and cv. The inputs in the mandatory fields will be shared with Yer. 

We have reached our limit! Subscriptions are closed!

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