Upcoming Events

Fri 19 Jun, 12:00 to Fri 17 Jul, 18:00

Like every year there will be an introduction week for all the new students that are going to study at the TUE next academic year. In order to guide all these new students, we are looking for students who will act as parents to these new students (kiddos) and show them how it is to study (digitally) in Eindhoven.

Tue 14 Jul, 16:30 to 19:00

FoodCo presents BBQ! Do you want to celebrate the start of the holiday with your fellow students and some nice food? Then you should join the FoodCo BBQ. Spaces are limited, so be sure to subscribe in time. The subscriptions work on a first come first serve basis and will open on July 10th at 12:00. You can reserve a table with your friends (max. 4 people), if you want to join with more people, you have to reserve more tables.

Wed 15 Jul, 19:00 to 21:00

Wednesday 15-07 at 19:00, the Age of Empires II competition will start. Raze your opponents bases as the huns, destroy your opponents catapults with your superior trebuchets or convert all their units with the might of wololo. Voor deze competitie wordt de HD (2013) editie gebruikt.

Thu 16 Jul, 16:30 to 20:00

Chief! We've got a very special mission for you, a brewery in Best is having big trouble getting rid of it's bear. The evil villain C. Orona has put it's sales to a halt causing a lot of it's production to go to waste if we don't act soon! Your mission will be to let as much beer as possible disappear during the stated times. Weaponry allowed is sipping, slurping, drinking, chugging or whatever you can come up with. Good luck with your mission, see you there!

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