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Sun 24 Feb (All day)

During the first week of the summer break, Thor will organize the EAGLE study trip to Estina and Latvia. From July 8 to July 14, we will be visiting universities and companies in those Baltic states. Besides the technical excursions we give you also an impression of the culture and history of those beautiful countries.

Mon 25 Feb, 17:30 to 19:00

On Monday the 25th of February the ACCI Bingo will be held in Het Walhalla!
Do you like having a big chance of winning lots of awesome prizes with only a small cost of playing?
Then you have come to the right place. You can join the fun
For the low price of two stripes!

Wed 27 Feb, 12:40 to 13:20

Ever since ASML produced and sold its first computer chip-making system in 1984, its Customer Support department has been proactive in resolving issues at the customer’s site. Ayush Rajput, CS Applications engineer at ASML, works with and for customers, making them a partner in the machine's success. How can a technical master’s degree be relevant to a department that usually is associated with call centers, item return forms and drop-down menus with frequently asked questions?

Wed 27 Feb, 15:00 to 16:30

Have you been wondering ever since you first heard of Thor what it is all about? Where do all of the names come from. What do Kvasir, Odin, Eir or Volundr truly look like? Why are some committees named in certain ways? What do their names mean? To many of these questions you can find your answers during this workshop! Come and listen to some of the stories of the Norse mythology!

Thu 28 Feb, 12:00 to 13:30

Are you planning on partying with carnaval and need to have a good lunch before you can do so ? 
This is the ideal moment for only 1 euro you can enjoy a hotdog for lunch !

Thu 28 Feb, 16:30 to 20:00

Are you not somebody from “below the rivers” but always wanted to know what carnaval is and how it works? 
Come by on the 28th of February and get a kickstart for your carnaval !

Don't forget to dress up in your nicest/craziest carnaval clothes!

Fri 1 Mar, 19:00 to Sun 10 Mar, 12:00

Just like the past few years, the SnowCo is organizing the annual ski- and snowboard trip! This year the trip will be to Saint Sorlin d’Arves, a skiing area with over 300km of piste and good après-ski! The trip will be from 2 to 9 March, in the Carnavals holiday. Next to the amazing skiing area, we also have a nice chalet for us all. This chalet has a sauna, a swimming pool and is close to the pistes and the après-ski!

Wed 13 Mar, 12:40 to 13:20


Teledyne DALSA (formerly DALSA Corporation) is a Canadian company specializing in the design and manufacture of specialized electronic imaging components (image sensors, cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software) as well as specialized semiconductor fabrication (MEMS, high voltage ASICs). Teledyne DALSA is part of the Teledyne Imaging group, the leading-edge imaging companies aligned under the Teledyne umbrella.

Thu 14 Mar, 8:00 to 17:00

Will be going to the Denso engineering center.

Mon 18 Mar, 13:30 to 16:30

SkelThorCo proudly presents their first workshop: Dynamo Demontage (alternaT(h)or dissasembly). Are you getting bored of only drawing diagrams and doing calculations? During this workshop you will have a hands on experience with reverse engineering an Electromechanical machine!

Are you able to recognize all the parts and their function once you have disassembled your alternator? And can you determine the cause of death of your alternator?

Tue 19 Mar, 8:30 to Wed 20 Mar, 16:30

The Career Expo is one of the biggest expositions on career in the entire Netherlands right here on the TU/e Campus. Here over a 150 companies join us to present themselves to interested students and find potential employees. All you have to do to make use of this opportunity is walk into Auditorium and start a conversation.

Wed 27 Mar, 12:40 to 13:20

The HyTEPS lunch lecture will be the 27th of March and not the 13th of March as said in the career mail


"Analysis of energy losses in weak stand-alone offshore networks due to poor Power Quality"

Thu 28 Mar (All day)

Since the company was founded in 1989, Ellips has focused on the development of optical grading & sorting technology for the fruit and vegetable market. This ongoing dedication to the development and enhancement of their technology has resulted in industry leading solutions and thousands of customers who benefit from their commitment to continual improvement. Their TrueSort grading software runs on any sorting machine, of any brand.

Tue 2 Apr, 18:00 to 21:30

Dealing with stress is easier said than done. In this workshop you will gain new insights and practical tools that help you recognize, understand and release stress on deeper levels. This workshop will teach you how to manage yourself and your time.

Wed 3 Apr, 12:40 to 13:20

TNO will be giving a lunchlecture at Thor. The subject of the lecture will later be updated.

You can sign up for the lecture here or by sending a mail to The last part will not be possible after the subscriptions have closed.

Thu 4 Apr, 16:30 to 19:00

Op 4 april komt iedereens favoriete ACCI-activiteit er weer aan, de Decadente borrel en het McGala.

Heb jij zin om als een echt corpslid helemaal stuk te gaan in pak? Wil jij vervolgens chic dineren in een van de beste restaurants van Eindhoven? Wil jij deze laatste donderdag voor de tentamens nog even maximaal stuk gaan?

Mon 29 Apr (All day) to Thu 2 May (All day)

Our final event, the Interviewing Days, is a place to further explore a company and/or potential employer. Here you get the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with employees, have lunches in a small and formal setting or put your personal qualities to work in a company case. So when you have an idea of where you are heading after the Career Expo make sure to join this event as well!

Fri 10 May (All day) to Sun 12 May (All day)

This year Thor is participating in the Batavierenrace again! The Batavierenrace is a fun relay race over 175 km from Nijmegen to Enschede, divided into 25 stages (16 men's stages and 9 women's stages) ranging from 3.8 km to 10.5 km. Over 8,500 students are participating, making it the biggest student sports event in the Netherlands. If running is not your piece of cake, you can deliver your top performance after the race as well, as after the race the Batavierenparty will take place.

Fri 24 May, 9:00 to 22:00

This activity is only for benefactors of Thor, if you're a student and want to join the lunch please subscribe via:

It is time for the annual Benefactorsday. The day is composed of five parts:

09:00 – 12:00              Morningprogram: Company visit in Eindhoven

Fri 24 May, 12:30 to 14:30

Do you want to join the lunch with the benefactors of Thor? Subscribe right here and join the lunch and fun small activity! An amazing opportunity to get to know a lot of old members of Thor!

Wil je mee lunchen met de begunstigers van Thor? Schrijf je hier in en doe mee met de lunch en een kleine gezamelijke activiteit. Een buitenkansje om de oud Thor leden te ontmoeten!

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