DIODE study trip back-up list

This year, the BuEx is going to Denmark! From November 12th to 18th, we will visit interesting places and companies throughout Denmark with 30 students. We will be staying in three different cities over 5 days: Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Are you interested in going? Make sure to subscribe here! We already had a raffle for the trip back in March and currently have exactly 30 participants. However, we would like to have a back-up list to account for any cancellations before the trip. That means that subscribing is currently only for the back-up list. We will have a raffle to determine the order of this list after subscriptions close.
Subscriptions close September 17th.
First-year students (at the time of the trip) cannot apply for the study trip.

Make sure to also visit our website for more information! We will also post the slides from the information evening there.

Sunday 12-11-2023 - Saturday 18-11-2023
22:00 - 08:00